How to really bust your Moves with these 8 New Years Resolution tips


My New Years Resolution Tips

In an era where resolutions are thrown around fairly easily with limited commitment NOW is your opportunity to stop and truly start fresh for 2015. As the greatest advocate for all things healthy my New Year Resolution tips are as follows.


1. Make a commitment to follow what you commit too

2. Make small sustainable changes, a glass of warm water and lemon juice first thing to kick start your liver, if you are a coffee drinker and take sugar, remove the sugar.

3. Get some true balance in life, rest and relaxation are no longer a benefit they are mandatory to having a healthy mind and body

4. A walk each day is better than a huge work out once a week; pick a beach, national park, mountain or coffee strip on the coast to mix it up

5. Above all keep the food balance in check, if it is normally fried make it grilled, if its wine each day try making it a spritzer (with soda). Reduce your red meat intake and ensure you have oily fish at least twice a week. Keep the fruit and vegetables to five serves a day it really is not hard. If dessert is your must have, try cutting it back to twice a week instead of every day. Consider fruit based desserts and treats over refined sugar

6. If you smoke just bloody stop you cannot imagine the damage it does to not only you but to those you leave behind when you’re dead. Sounds dramatic see the statistics.

7.Take control of your garden, we all have a pot with something in it, try the addition of fresh herbs in your diet and maybe the odd pot or two with salad greens, mix it up nasturtium, rocket, watercress, purslane are all good It will not only assist in relaxing you but also helps with the budget.

8. Forget the nightly news and listen to some passive music, it truly helps with the relaxing mode. Let’s face it we live in heaven lets at least try and enjoy it. Happy New Year.

Cassandra Austin x

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