How tomatoes are awesome for wellness, beauty and weight management

Various tomato varieties

The Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomato’s,  a great source of Vitamin A, C, K & E, antioxidants, flavonoids, potassium, phosphorous and folate give great health benefits below;


Tomatoes are the highest value of lycopene of any other vegetable although it is technically classed as a fruit from the nightshade family in South America.

Heart Health– A 2003 study from the USA journal of food science & nutrition stated that tomato’s contain nutrients that can help protect from atherosclerosis and can help prevent the vascular cells from oxidisation.

Eye Health– A 2013 study showed that macular degeneration due to age and cataracts can be reduced with enhanced lutein and zeaxanthin which are both present in the humble tomato.

Reduce Inflammation– due to one particular carotenoid Lutein, found in several highly coloured vegetables including tomato.

Reduce menopause symptoms– Findings from a 2015 study in the USA journal of nutrition found that the symptoms of menopause anxiety, heartrate increase, and resting energy expenditure is improved by tomato juice consumption.


Lycopene in tomato and when cooked/ processed they are more beneficial due to higher levels of lycopene.

UV damage– A study in 2006 suggests that regular consumption of lycopene rich foods led to decreased risk of ultraviolet damage.

Weight Management

With only 18 calories per 100 gm’s you can really afford to indulge!

Improves metabolic rate– It has been suggested that lycopene may help in speeding up the metabolism.

Due to the high fibre content, tomatoes can help satiety (feeling fuller for longer)

Cooking tips

Cooking tomato’s enhances the amount of lycopene and many health benefits!

A  favorite quick and easy recipe is a Virgin Mary dressing, simply a bloody Mary without the vodka, omit Worchester and replace with balsamic for an added health kick, you can use precooked organic passata for that extra cooked tomato goodness.

Make a white tomato jelly infuse with your favourite herbs, try lemon myrtle for summer freshness (use agar, agar for vegan)  blend fresh tomato, then strain the clear juice, gently heat with the selected ingredients to infuse flavours, strain again, add your setting agent of choice and set as a jelly, then add the remaining pulp to greek lamb pastuso, beef bolognaise or eggplant moussaka etc.

Lacto fermented tomato’s are a fantastic way to increase the health benefits and flavour by sealing in a food saver adding the correct amount of salt and keep at the correct temperature 28c for 4 to 5 days. This  process aids digestion for good gut health and nutrient absorption. Add to salads with some wilted warrigal greens, toasted seaweed,  nuts and seeds of your choice and other goodies for a vegetarian protein option!


“Please choose BPA free products (used to line the tins to prevent contact with metal and food products as they have been linked to obesity, infertility, and cancer in some groups. For my Industry professional  followers use food service products such as Rosella “Kagome Australian grown tomato’s” in a pouch (BPA free).  is with the Rosella tomatoes. Kagome also use a variety H1311 which is very high in colour and high in lycopene.”

Check them out here https://kagome.com.au/

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