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3 most common Kitchen coaching Q’s

Q. What do you think about “such and such a product”?

A. One thing that really bugs me is all the mis- information about products in marketing and sales campaigns, if only people knew the truth on what really works, it’s backed up by science! First thing I asked people to do is read the label to me and the small print on it.

Q. How do you stay so slim when you are a Chef?

A. Making my healthy food choices taste great, keeping them exciting and fresh so I want to stick to them, making my exercise choices enjoyable to me, I get joy and nutrition from growing my own food and gardening is good exercise, I enjoy surfing, walking and socialising so I do these together with friends, if I commit to a time to meet someone it makes me stick to it and I have a diabetic puppy who needs to be exercised very regularly to help manage her sugar levels. This keeps me on track and if I fall of the wagon which sometimes happens, I don’t beat myself up too much, I get back on the horse so to speak. If you are too busy and cant find time, schedule it in your diary.

Q. How can I save time in the kitchen and get fast nutrition?

A. I have found some great speedy ways to stay on track when I am busy, download my new updates E book for great tips.

Q. Can I eat bread?

A. Surprisingly, this is the biggest question not sweet foods when coaching clients or in my workshops. I try and get most lovely peeps to give it up for a while at least the first month to break the cycle then slowly re-introduce a healthier choice in moderation moving forward. Why? Because its high in carbohydrates, if carbohydrates are not used in the form of energy, they are turned into sugar and stored in the body as fat.

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