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I am a chef with over 35+ years experience. My passion is teaching you how to use food for wellness and nutrition.
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Ever dreamt of intertwining new flavours into Australian cuisine with a splash of wellness?

Dive into a world where hospitality consulting meets passion, where kitchen coaching becomes an art, and where nutrition and self-care are the core ingredients of a delicious life.

Whether you’re a budding restaurateur, a home cook wanting to up your game, or someone simply craving a healthier lifestyle infused with fast nutrition and flavour, you’re in the right place.

Our tailored consulting services are your compass to navigate the bustling world of hospitality or one-on-one coaching sessions?

Think of them as your personal culinary masterclasses, steeped in nutrition and wellness insights.

But wait, there’s more! Our online services bring a quality culinary life to your fingertips, weaving together the best of delicious fast nutrition and holistic living.

Unlock the secrets, embrace the journey, and let’s cook up a storm of wellbeing together!

Ready to serve up your best life, with a side of finger lime zest?

Explore our offerings and start your culinary adventure today!

Work with Me

The how to for a quality culinary lifestyle "Casstronomy's brand promise"

Refresh, Invent & Promote

Hey there, Agnes Water food lovers! 

Ever thought of blending delicious dishes with smart business moves?

That’s my niche! 

As your local Chef and Guru in Agnes Water and surrounds, I’m all about whipping up food experiences that spell H-E-A-L-T-H, dollar signs (in a good way!), and belly laughs.

Navigating menu costing or puzzled about the perfect social media post? Want to jazz up your brand with zesty marketing strategies? No worries, we’ve got a spice rack full of solutions for that!

Dive into the culinary carnival of Agnes Water with me. Using my chef’s hat, restaurateur’s flair, and a sprinkle of educator wisdom, we’ll cook up a storm and get your challenges sizzling on the grill.

Hungry for a chat or just some fun banter about food and biz?  Give my fab team a shout right here!

 Find out more by getting in touch with my team! 

Learn & Create

Hellooo, Australian Foodies & Wellbeing Warriors! 

Easy cooking doesn’t have to be boring right. Ready to embark on a culinary adventure, Aussie-style? Whether you’re hungry for fast nutrition solutions, eager to whip up easy international dishes, or yearning for a dash of local flavour, we’ve got a course menu tailor-made for you!

Discover our exclusive online programs – where tantalising recipes that meet essential nutrition guides and rejuvenating self-care rituals. Designed for our mates of all ages, our courses are more than just cooking lessons. They’re your passport to a vibrant culinary life, filled with delectable dishes from around the globe, right here !

And it doesn’t stop there! Infused with top-notch self-coaching skills, our programs are your key to living your best life. From BBQ maestros to health-savvy mums and everyone in between, dive deep into a journey of flavours and personal growth.

So, are you geared up to relish a rich culinary life with a sprinkle of self-love?  Hop on and explore our premium courses right here and see what all the fuss it about!

Eat & Play

Round up your crew and immerse yourselves in a unique blend of food, private wellness, workshops and events in beautiful Agnes Water, Queensland.

Experience a beach and bush lifestyle and indulge in quality produce. Book one on one coaching or interactive workshops, learn how to create delicious, nutritious meals, I’ll show you how easily they can be re-produced at home.

With years of catering experience under my apron, I offer corporate and private chef hire. If you’re in the Agnes Water region or beyond, get in touch with me today to discuss your next event!

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