By Cassandra Austin

Chef & Wellness Specialist

Hi, I'm Cassandra!

I'm here for your corporate nutrition and well being, a chef and wellness coach, transforming corporates health, wealth and happiness in a creative way designed to be fun with real no nonsense how to and self coaching. Offering group wholistic knowledge with personalised support for individuals to achieve long lasting change. An accomplished chef with 35 years experience, consultant, recipe developer, and a certified food and wellness coach.

Qualified restaurateur, business, hospitality, commercial cookery vet trainer, branched into diet, nutrition, food psychology & kitchen medicine. My niche is supporting people, businesses and the foodservice industry to transform into a healthier state.

Committed to improving corporates results and lifestyles, health and general wellness with specialised industry knowledge and experience to help you to be the best that you can be.

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Work with Me

For a real no nonsense approach to deliver desired results with exciting, creative, nutritious, wellness solutions with personalised service and expert knowledge.

Eat and Play

Round up your friends, workmates or family and immerse yourselves in a unique blend of private wellness retreat activities, workshops, and events in the beautiful Agnes Water, Queensland.

I host getaways for up to nine people where you will get to experience a unique beach and bush lifestyle with local activities. This includes pampering and indulging in tasty and organic food and wine to inspire a life change. In addition, my interactive workshops and cooking classes will teach you how to put delicious meals together with locally sourced produce. Best part yet, I’ll show you how easily they can be re-produced at home.

Moreover, as a corporate restaurant owner and 10 years of catering business experience under my apron, I offer private chef hire availabilities. If you’re in the Agnes Water and surrounding region or beyond, get in touch with me today to discuss chef hire for your next event!

Learn and Create

Easy cooking doesn’t have to be boring with the right combination of nutritious and delicious ingredients. Immerse yourself in a world of health, wellness and lifestyle with my workshops. Have you got a recipe you’ve always wanted to nail or a cookery skill you’ve been trying to achieve? I’ve got the workshop for it.

Design your culinary life today by booking a free hour-long session with me. Here, I will teach you my top 10 tips as a chef, show you how to make fast, and delicious meals and inspire you to jump back into your kitchen.

An hour isn’t long enough? My mini course is here to save the day. Visit the page now to see what all the fuss is about! 

Refresh, Invent and Promote

I am a travelled lifestyle chef and coach specialising in food for improved health, wealth, and happiness. Using my experience, I consult extensively in the Food Services Industry on food-related products for transformation and change. 

Moreover, I offer in-depth hospitality business training and consultancy services for professionals with all levels of experience. Using my qualifications as a commercial chef, restaurateur, and teacher, I will work with you to understand the areas you’re looking to improve. I will then craft my teaching or consultancy to meet these needs.

Lastly, if you’re looking to create original recipes, custom videos, product placement in videos and more, our Casstronomy brand ambassadorship might be right for you. Find out more by getting in touch with my team! 

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