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A bit about me...

My story begins the half way through my career. I had proven to the world that a woman could be a respected and successful corporate restaurateur. However, I started to notice that my body was reacting to the extremely long hours of work. I also became psychologically exhausted because of the cumulative anxiety that I experienced worrying about maintaining my success. 

In retrospect, it was clear that I had no balance in my life but only obsessed with working harder. Consequently, I required medical intervention. This meant prescribed medication and counselling to combat the anxiety and depression, as well as, the inability to control my weight. 

Some six months later, I felt worse because I lost the energy, I needed. This turned into a reliance on medications I had to maintain the work, and, hence, the continuing success of my business. After some time, I began to reflect on my life, work, and general health when I had an epiphany that changed me forever.

Successful people achieve their goals in life through hard work or by working smarter. I began to analyse myself and realised that I had proven myself, worked ridiculous hours but at the cost of my health. Proving myself to the work may have been achieved had I not ‘pushed’ my body to exhaustion and ill health. However, simply, may have taken a longer time.

Then my transformation begun...

At this time in my life I made the decision to change. I chose to be more proactive, and take more care of my physical and psychological self religiously. Eating a delicious healthy diet and exercising regularly. I stopped cigarettes in favour of self care. I noticed weekly changes in my life. Firstly, I became fitter, stronger, calmer, and more controlled in my mind. I felt happier as I completely changed my life still achieving in my restaurant ,teaching and judging. 

“You look 10 years younger” others would say, and I felt it! Continuing my increasing responsibilities, I began doing charity work with the Australian Culinary Federation which I enjoyed and felt fulfilled. moving on after marriage from the restaurant so we could spend more time together.

Followed by 8 years of the World Association of Chef’s Societies’, doing charity work as a committee member and regional representative of the Woman’s Leadership forum. I have a Diploma of Hospitality Management, Diploma of Business, and a Cert 4 in Commercial Cookery. As well, I have been involved in contract consulting, recipes development, testing and costing. In addition, I have produced cookbooks and videos for my professional industry, working and travelling the world with work and my husband. 

Which brings me to you...

During my journey with food and  lifestyle, I have found strategies in developing better health to reverse the deleterious effects of poor diet. By studying diet and nutrition, food psychology and wellness coaching, I have developed programs online and face to face  and empower others to learn practical effective and evidence-based skills. I thrive on helping hospitality businesses achieve their best results too. My commitment and focus have been to improve people’s health, wealth and happiness adopting the moto “be the best you can be”.

With my cute little diabetic puppy Miss Truffles, “that is another story to tell”, I continue my work moving to more online delivery so I am able to care for her needs. Helping others achieve their best selves brings me great joy.

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