Face to Face Workshops

Chef Cass demonstrating to her clients in a face to face workshop

Face to Face Workshops

Here at Casstronomy HQ in Agnes Waters, we offer a range of individual workshops that are fun and interactive with many resources that are tailored to demonstrate how easily my recipes can be re-produced are home, such as:


  • Food for selfcare
  • Food for beauty
  • Metabolism boosting foods
  • Foods to get your Sizzle back
  • Fast nutrition dishes
  • Learn to cook like a chef
  • Loose the mental in menopause
  • Blast your budget   
  • Mood boosting foods
  • Family favorites

With live demonstrations, tastings and take home resources, pantry lists, tips, recipes and lots of laughs to make it all the more fun for you and your group, why not give your loved ones the experience of culinary art with one of our gift vouchers here!

BOOK OUR UPCOMING FOOD FOR BEAUTY WORKSHOP IN AGNES WATER NOW with Skin Dr Sandy Skinner and Chef Cass, collect your ticket here.


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Fast-nutrition recipes

Home-made pesto's with purpose i.e Beauty food pesto for fast nutrition