Want to know what changes in your diet can relieve hot flashes girls? read on

Hot flushes


Take vitamin e(d-alha tocopherol)  and citrus bioflavonoids with absorbic acid as per the dose recommended

Reduce in your Diet

Refined carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol intake

Add to your Diet

50gm soya protein pr day

It has been shown to decrease the intensity of hot flushes, soya beans and soya products contain phyto eostregons and isoflavones, which have been shown to decrease menopausal symptoms and modulate eostregon levels 

Add to your diet

cashews, peanuts, oats, corn, wheat, apples and almonds. They contain significant amounts of Phyto oestrogen and they appear to block the effects of excess oestrogen stimulation of the breasts and uterus which may well have a protective effect

Herbal Remedies

Black cohosh (cimicifuga racemosa), available at health food shops. A substantial number of controlled clinical trials have shown that black cohosh is equal to conjugated equine oestrogens in its ability to improve vaginal lubrication and to reduce depression, headaces and hot flashes. The usual dose is two tablets and twice daily

Vitex agnus castii works a treat

 Siberian ginseng

 dong quai

wild yams

Tinctures and oral combinations of these varieties are available in health food shops. They must be used in four to six weeks before improvement in symptoms in noted

Chinese herbal remedies have been shown to greatly reduce menopausal symptoms. Watch this space for product offerings coming soon

Its always recommended to get a blood test and consult your doctor and an individual practitioner for more information regarding hot flushes.

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