Can a Diabetic Life be a Normal Healthy Life?

Miss Truffles was born a juvenile diabetic

Living with Juvenile Diabetes: Embracing a Healthy, Normal Life with Miss Truffles

“Living with Juvenile Diabetes: Embracing a Healthy, Normal Life with Miss Truffles – My Mini Foxy Maltese (and Maybe Poodle) Companion”.

18 months ago, I got this gorgeous little bundle of joy adopted as a Mini Foxy Maltese cross. Although all her vets “THANKYOU TO YOU ALL” (Suzanna at Agnes Water Vet,  VSOS Sydney  Karina Graham and team and Grace from Snowy Vets) suggest there is a generous dollop of poodle in there too!

Miss Truffles fitted my needs for a small companion that can travel, is energetic, intelligent, playful and cheeky natured. No malting hair which works for my OCD clean gene I got from my Nanna, I am so grateful she is all of these. Possibly the best birthday gift ever.

So, my journey part 2 began when I got her as a puppy, I just knew something was not quiet right. Although she is a fun, cheeky, loving delightful little girl, there was some truly odd things going on with her health.

Identifying Early Signs of Diabetes: A Pet Owner's Vigilant Journey

 As a pet parent, with no maternal children of my own only fur babies. I found myself frequently visiting the vet, like to a nervous first-time mother.

Committed to offering Miss Truffles the healthiest diet and lifestyle. Reflecting my own ethos of wellness after years of previously neglecting my personal health. Learn more about my story part 1 here.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t fathom why certain health issues were emerging. When we initially adopted her from the breeder, she had received all her vaccinations and vet checks, boasting a clean bill of health. This experience led me to delve deeper into understanding the first signs of being a diabetic. Both for the sake of my beloved pet and for my own well-being.”

Detecting Diabetes in Your Pet: Key Symptoms I discovered

I discovered these symptoms with Miss Truffles early on before I knew she was a juvenile diabetic. Aside from her quirky little additions, a hernia and an extra little toe;

  • An insatiable appetite for food, yet not gaining any weight
  • Impaired vision noticeable from around 3 months old
  • Regular goopy buildup in her eyes, cleaned daily with a gentle saline solution, despite no signs of infection.
  • A noticeable pollen allergy
  • Urinating often
  • Hyperactivity
  • Her hind legs would be stiff when walking
  • A course coat
  • Two ear infections within the first six months

Unveiling Juvenile Diabetes in My Puppy: A Heart-Wrenching Journey

At 10 months old, our trip from Agnes Water to visit family in the Snowy Mountains turned critical for Miss Truffles. By the time we reached Sydney to visit our very accommodating  friends, her condition had worsened. She became delirious and needed immediate feeding upon arrival.

The next morning, after a severe bout of illness post-breakfast, we rushed to a local vet. Despite extensive blood tests, the root cause of her illness remained elusive. The only clue was a high liver function.

It was then we were directed to VSOS (Veterinary Specialists of Sydney) in Miranda. A blessing given it was a Saturday afternoon and they had the necessary equipment for advanced testing. The situation looked grim in the early hours of Sunday; Miss Truffles was still vomiting and unable to keep food down. Faced with her suffering, I had a heart-to-heart with the medical team about her future. That’s when Dr. Karina Graham, the head medical professional and owner of VSOS, stepped in, Thankyou!! 

After a morning of rigorous testing, Karina delivered the news that reshaped my life: ‘She is one in a million, a true miracle she survived. Miss Truffles is a Juvenile Diabetic.'”

Thankyou to my husband for footing a bill for the lengthy 5 days in intensive care and too my beautiful friends where a weekend stay ended up a week stay.

Miss Truffles in the emergency vet hospital in Sydney VSOS

One in a Million Juvenile Diabetes in Pets: Insights from a Kitchen Coach

My journey as a kitchen coach, dedicated to guiding people towards healthier lifestyles, took an unexpected turn. When my beloved puppy, Miss Truffles was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, the emergency vet hospital in Sydney said they had never seen a case such as this. The senior vets words “pets do not survive what she just did”. This experience not only tested my emotional resilience but also my professional skills in managing health through diet and lifestyle.

In this critical moment, my role as a kitchen coach empowered me to understand the profound impact diet can have on health more, even for our pets. When Dr. Karina Graham, head medical professional at VSOS, diagnosed Miss Truffles as a juvenile diabetic, it was both a shock and a revelation. This diagnosis underscored the importance of dietary management in combating diseases, a principle I advocate in my coaching.

This personal experience has enriched my approach as a kitchen coach. Emphasizing the need for tailored dietary strategies for both humans and pets facing health challenges like diabetes. It’s a testament to how our food choices can be life-altering. Underscoring the power and responsibility I hold in guiding others towards healthier lives.”

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