What is Black Garlic? benefits & how to eat it?

A basket of whole unpeeled black garlic

What is Black Garlic?

Hello, culinary adventurers and wellness enthusiasts!

In recent years, there’s been quite a buzz around a unique, umami-packed, jet-black ingredient Black Garlic.  What is Black Garlic? How is it crafted? Let’s peel back the layers on this intriguing delicacy!

Against popular belief it is not fermented, so how is it made? What is the process and what is it called?

To reveal the mystery read on…….

How is Black Garlic made?

Despite its exotic appearance, black garlic starts its life as our everyday white garlic bulb. The transformation into its darker, more complex form is thanks to the following process. No additives, no weird chemicals—just time and controlled conditions.

Here is the Alchemy of Black Garlic magic:

1.Handpicked Perfection: The journey starts with fresh, flawless white garlic bulbs. I selected farm fresh local Australian grown from our Discovery Coast Rotary Market at 1770  at the seasons peak.

2.The Magical Chamber: The lovely globes are then ushered into aging chambers, no really. A rice cooker is suffice, no big expensive equipment necessary. You just need a thermometer to test that the internal temperature is in the correct zone. Pop them in an oven bag raised off the base of the rice cooker. I use a bamboo steamer,  seal in the moisture and turn over weekly for even blackening.

3.Heating Things Up: Over 3-4 weeks, at temperatures between 60c to 76c and high humidity, this is when the magic happens.

In a nutshell Black garlic is a process where very slow dark browning occurs with the addition of heat over a period of time. It is basically the same process when you cook a piece of toast, a caramelisation of the pyrolysis sugars. As heat is applied to the organic compound’s changes occur that produce a range of darkening colour, delectable aromas and flavours. This process is known as the Maillard reaction.

So What are the Health benefits of Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is higher in antioxidants that raw garlic. This helps the body combat oxidative damage.

Black Garlic may play a role in reducing triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, while potentially boosting HDL cholesterol.

Studies have shown that Black Garlic may be useful for onset of diabetes in pregnant woman. This is known as gestational diabetes. It may help regulate blood sugar, some more human trials are required but current research is promising.

Black Garlic may assist the liver in preventing illness due to alcohol abuse and chemical damage.

Early studies have shown results in cancer fighting abilities with Black Garlic. It may help prevent cancer in humans although more research required.

Garlic is already a well known beauty and skin food. With the extra antioxidants in Black Garlic giving a heightened kick in the anti-aging fight.

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How do I Use or Cook with Black Garlic?

  • Simply add it as an ingredient on your snack platter
  • The famous restaurant Noma suggest making a garlic paste and mixing it with a black olive tapenade for a twist
  • Serve with hard cheeses or a refreshing change to pasta dishes
  • A black garlic skin broth with the chicken stock or a black garlic ice-cream, why not?
  • Add it to your stir fry for a milder garlic flavour
  • Try some slithers to complete the delicate mellow vibe of a cauliflower soup
  • Mix through some white bean smash, with a little chicken stock & extra virgin olive oil. A fine dice of Black Garlic for a healthier tasty low GI carbohydrate side alternative
  • Add to a chicken and mushroom hotpot for a more subtle finish
  • Thinly slice cloves of Black Garlic and add them to the seasons best salads
  • Use finely sliced slithers on a multi coloured roast vegetable pizza for a fantastic visual combo, Drizzle with basil and extra virgin olive oil
  • Blend them with extra virgin olive oil, a dash of pomegranate molasses and a squeeze of fresh lime for a delicious summer salad dressing

The Rising Stardom of Black Garlic & How do I store it?

Epicurean Dream: Its taste is a delightful paradox – sweet yet savory, deep yet subtle.

Wellness Empress: Richer in antioxidants compared to raw garlic, it’s the unsung hero of health benefits.

Kitchen Muse: It effortlessly uplifts any dish, from salads to sauces, pizzas to pastas.

How to store:

Whole unpeeled bulbs of Black Garlic can benefit from quiet long storage, if it is vacuum sealed they can go unrefrigerated in a cool dry place for up to 6 months.

Peeled Black Garlic cloves will generally last for up to a month in refrigerated conditions.

Black Garlic is Times Gift to Culinary Art and Wellbeing

In our whirlwind lives, black garlic stands as a reminder of nature’s slow, deliberate beauty. Whether you’re harnessing its flavors in the kitchen or its benefits for wellness, it’s truly a treasure.

Embrace it in your culinary adventures and wellness journey. Because, those of us over 35+ deserve the best and need to boost the anti-oxidant love in our lives.

Stay vibrant, keep exploring, and always savor the flavors of life.

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Bon Appetite

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