Want to know the truth about long term Weight loss, 2 weeks into the New Year, how are your plans going?

The real Truth about weight loss is not some new fad diet that will be gone next year after you shed your kilos and put them all back again, no that’s so not it There is so much money to be made by companies with the growing epidermic of the western diet that those companies just want to sell you a quick fix and make a buck, they don’t care about your long lasting results. Exercise is important however even the famous Australian Fitness Coach Michelle Bridges knows and states that 80 percent of weightloss is diet related

Nor is some meal replacement shake the answer, some of these can actually do you way more damage, the minute you eat real food its back and you will put more on

Its real food, real exercise and real willpower

Have a Goal but also a plan to sustain it once you have reached your goal

90 percent of people who sustain there change have a Support System

For a free consultation visit casstronomy.info to help you achieve long lasting results with a plan designed specifically for you

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Cassandra Austin

Kitchen Coaching, Nutrition and Selfcare

A Corporate Chef with extra qualifications in< Diet and Nutrition, Food and Wellness, Food Psychology, Kitchen Medicine Vocational education trainer in Commercial Cookery, Dip Hospitality Management  & Business



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