It’s those days that don’t go as planned that really test our desires and beliefs in ourselves.  We start questioning whether we have the time, knowledge, passion or even people around us to help us succeed.  These negative thoughts then start to take over and we begin to doubt ourselves and abilities.  For some, the next step is to just give up.  For others, it’s the kick in the pants needed to figure out the next step. 

It’s a never ending battle! Until you go back to your vision. 

Believe it or not, your motivation to achieve your goals is going to be fuelled by your desire to get that ideal client or have the life balance to take time off when you want.  Success and motivation are interdependent.  You can’t have one without the other.  So, go back to your WHY and you will again experience the excitement and enthusiasm that led you down your current path of being a Lady Boss.        

Here are three tips to help you find your motivation to succeed:

1. Saying Affirmations 

Believe it or not, self-confidence comes from a belief in your worth and your abilities and is a pre-requisite to staying motivated, and therefore, your success. 

Don’t let your past dictate your future! 

You can design the future you want through positive conditioning.  Creating affirmations is a great tool to help you become the person you want to be.  This is because your imagination makes your thoughts real. 

So here are some tips to remember when creating affirmations to keep you motivated:

  • Affirmations should always be positive
  • Affirmations should be stated in the first person and the present tense
  • Affirmations should be written as a “realistically high goal”
  • Affirmations should be directly related to your goals or those qualities you are trying to develop
  • Affirmations should be YOURS

Here are a few examples of affirmations to help you create yours:

“I am in charge of my life.”

“I am responsible for my success.”

“I am a good listener.”

2. Visualise Your Success  

Visualising the success of your goal is a great way to keep what you want to achieve in front of your face.  When you do this, it is always top of mind and consequently, you will focus on it and stay motivated. The purpose is to create that emotion of how it would feel when you achieve your success. 

Live that elation and emotional feelings of satisfaction when you “see” yourself achieving your goal. 

As you begin visualising your success, you will feel the excitement build. You will quickly realise the distance between you and the goal you want to achieve is narrowing. Your attitude really becomes a magnet, drawing your desired results into perfect view.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated by visualising your success:

  • Post pictures of your goal or how you will look achieving your goal on a bulletin board.  This is commonly know as  a vision board.
  • Visualise how you would feel when your goal is achieved
  • Grab a partner and act out how you would feel when you achieve your goal

3. Acknowledging Small Wins 

Sometimes we focus way too much on the end goal, rather than the smaller steps that got us there. Even if mistakes are made along the way, it is important to have a positive attitude and focus on what you have learned. 

Each thing you learned from the experience is a small win and crucial to your success. 

Each small part of the larger task that is completed acknowledges movement and progress toward your goal. 

Here are some tips to help you start acknowledging small wins:

  • Think about how your work is contributing to your goal
  • Break down your large goal into “chunks” and then into specific tasks
  • Identify specific tasks that have been accomplished that impact your overall success
  • Celebrate each task/action step that is achieved as it will help you feel capable, empowered and successful

These are just a few strategies that to help increase your internal motivation. When you are excited with each small step achieved, it will spread through everything you do. 

Good luck in seeing the many possibilities in your life!

Cassandra Austin ‘Woman’s Healthy Chef’

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Accomplished Chef, Consultant, Recipe developer, Food & Wellness Coach, branched into Diet, Nutrition & Food Psychology, I support women who want sustainable change with a healthy diet and an absolutely fabulous life. Success came at a cost to my mental and physical health, after years of ignoring I found ways to reverse the damage, we all have unique requirements for wellness. Eat, Drink, Laugh, Love, Live your way to balanced