My top 10 fast food’s without weight gain to help you get through the silly season!!


I am the first to admit that we cannot always be in total control of our diet, travelling extensively globally,  there are many times that I can’t cook and have to eat takeaway. We live in a fast-moving world,  there is a  ready now expectation and fast food is sometimes unavoidable. The best we can do is to be informed and make the best decisions available to us.

You can eat fast food without getting fat, we all know that take away foods can contribute to being overweight, diabetes, heart disease and many other ailments .While some fast foods are healthier than others. Its the amount, frequency, type, beverages and add ons that make you fat. Not to forget unhealthy due to being calorie rich and nutrient poor, overfed and under nourished.

I have personally assisted in devising menus for quick service restaurants and believe you me, many will sell you what you want as healthy when it is not. You have to be the one to take control of your diet, if the item has a chicken schnitzel as the main component, it is most likely deep-fried, therefore a bad choice.

It may take as little as just one fast food item or takeaway to meet 50% of  your total fat allowance and exceed your total saturated fat allowance. Most people need around 20-30 g of fat per day

If you can just quickly assess if the food contains a good balance of each food group as shown below you will be one step ahead

Vegetables and fruits

Whole grains

Lean meat choices such as chicken and fish

Nuts and seeds


High in fibre

Low in salt

Low or no added sugars in the ingredients list

Made from healthy fats over unhealthy fats ( animal, trans fats, or saturated fats )


1.Guzman Gomez is my pick, fast, fresh and healthy

2. Chicken or Falafel kebabs with salad, tabbouleh and tahini dressing

3. Plain steak, grilled chicken or a fish burger without sauce

4. Sushi, steamed soy beans and miso broth

5. BBQ Chicken skin removed and salad

6. Subway ( 6 grams ) 6 inch  multi grain roll with Ham or Turkey, mustard and salad, no sauce

7. Wholegrain wraps with lean meat, vegetables, salad and  avocado spread

8. Thin and crispy pizza with lean protein, vegetable or salad  topping

9. Lamb, beef, chicken or fish with peanut satay sauces, add salad

10. Takeaway Indian or Thai Curries


The meal deal chips, they go straight to the hips

The soft drink , drink water

Larger portion sizes

Follow this guide to feel good and guilt free about the choice you have made in the lead up and during the Silly Season!!

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