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Casstronomy Weight loss metabolic boosting recipe

Virgin Mary Oyster shots with Chai, pistachio & Keffir Ingredients Serves 6 Mini meal

 Canape of appetizer for dinner party For  Virgin Mary mix

125 ml cooked homemade tomato juice tomato,s with a little stevia or rapardsa to sweeten if desired over refined sugar (metabolic boosting) Cooking tomato increases Lycopene by up to 10 times Lycopene in tomatos protects your mitchondina, add freshly ground black peppercorns to double the metabolism boosting effect

A dash balsamic vinegar in place of Worcester (remove the added colour caramel)

Fresh chopped Chili to taste instead of Tabasco (metabolic boosting Capsaicin )

 2 tsp or lime juice to taste (Metabolic boosting, natural chemicals that lower insulin in the body)

Stick of celery to finish ( cut into strips, it takes more energy to digest than it gives)

Salt & Cracked black pepper to taste(metabolic boosting alkaloid piperine) 1 cup crushed ice (cold makes the body work harder)

For Protein 6 oysters   Why?  Protien takes a lot of energy to digest therefore making the calories intake and calories burned close a 200gm piece of salmon good omega 3s help fat controlling hormone leptin and  is 5 times stronger when consuming efa,s and omegas 3s the , tofu for vegetarian, lean free range chicken breast or grass fed beef if you wish to substitute (protein and zinc are great for raising metabolic rate)

To finish 6 tsp Kefir Turkish food…Why?  fermented foods and probiotics great for metabolism boosting, aiding digestion)research shows that when people consume enough calcium when trying to loose weight they lost double the amount

1 tsp Chai seedsWhy? (grains, nuts and seeds the good contain essential fatty acids to assist weight loss and boost metabolism)

12 pistachios


Mix all Virgin Mary ingredients to taste with crushed ice with the exception of the celery sticks, shake well with ice

Place into glasses for 6 Add the celery stick Top with a spoon on the Keffir mixed with chai seeds and pistachio nuts

Then top with the protein of your choice, other choices are salmon, tofu for vegetarian or other lean proteins takes the body energy to burn protein an helps saiety

Other Tips

Green Tea increases circulation therefore the metabolic rate For more information on how these foods can help you, go to casstronomy.info and contact me, subscribe to my Newsletter for great giveaways, resources and information    

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