Helping you look younger, skin damage, how can we reverse it? some new technologies on the way and free trial offers

Helping us look younger

Skin Damage, How can we reverse it?

Well possibly it’s the science of Glyco biology

Whats That? you say……………….

 Its the study of the structure, biosynthesis, and biology of saccharides (sugar chains or glycans) that are widely distributed in nature.[1][2] Sugars or saccharides are essential components of all living things and aspects of the various roles they play in biology are researched in various medical, biochemical and biotechnological fields.

There is a Center in Berlin that’s focus is Glyco Biology and through developing a vaccine for Malaria they have found ways that can make you look younger.This is how the malaria vaccine was formed by making synthetic glycans that in turn block malaria and have proven to give 100 percent effective results

How do they Work?

Glycans are all over the surface of our skin, they are our essential network basically no glycans,  no dialogue, this is like a breakdown in communication that causes aging and allowing the skin to wrinkle through lack of renewal between the epidermis and dermis layers 

Cracking the code helps us to understand how and why the skin ages

At the science lab of L’Oreal on the outskirts of Paris they are working on a major revolution in biology of  cracking the code to glycans

They have discovered you cannot live without them and its learning that when the messages breakdown between the epidermis and dermis junction which is rich in glycans the skin breaks down then wrinkles and sagging begins to appear

In a Nutshell

Loreal has discovered how to switch glycans back on with the use of certain ingredients. The science is a cream that contains these ingredients and tests on real skin have shown amazing results, however more testing still needs to be done and until it is published in the peer journal it doesn’t have the power of fundamental science behind it.  It’s a watch this space scenario at this stage

In the meantime I am looking for  lucky participants to trial a Chinese Herbal Medicine that is natural, safe and has proven successful in China. Its specifically designed for the skins ailments below

This product is to assist with black eye sockets, ultraviolet spots caused by sunburn, diminishing blackish spots caused by oral contraception and for diminishing blackish complexion caused by long term depression or deficiency of vital energy and blood through assisting blood circulation and metabolism, it will also help the body eliminate toxic waste

So if you have these issues and would like  FREE TRIAL please sign up to my newsletter @ casstronomy.info and send me a message with your desire to offer testimonials on the product for publishing

Helping you be the best you can be

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