Ginger, detoxifier, did you know some singers use it too sweeten their voice? read on for more amazing facts

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Ginger is the edible root of the plant Zingiber OfficinaleIts most probably best known to ease nausea associated with travel, sickness and pregnancy. New research could assist long term diabetic patients by aiding the management of high levels of blood sugar, even singers use it too sweeten their voice. It is also know for but not limited too restoring kidney, liver, gall, prostate ailments, nervousness, lung tonic, piles, acne, jaundice, blood cleanser and blood builder


Detoxify the body by cleaning the liver due to sluggish digestion will assist lack of energy and drowsiness

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Extracts from ginger where found to increase the uptake of glucose into the muscle cells to allow them to operate interdependently of bloody insulin level.The components responsible for the increase of gingerols and major part of ginger rhizome

Heart Disease and blood clots can be greatly reduced by the natural blood thinning that occurs when ginger is consumed

Settles Nausea Gingerols are known to produce more digestive juices and help neutralize that stomach acids associated with nausea

Assists Cold & Flu Ginger is also a natural decongestant, and has been used for centuries to reduce the symptons of cold and flu by gently raising the bodies temperature

Anti inflammatory properties which can lessen the pain of arthritis and can be useful in the treatment of migraines

Cancer Prevention research shows by modifying negative hormone responses and counter act toxic hydroxy methyl molecules to create apotosis of the cancer cells before they become malignant

Natural Antibiotic and assists in strengthening the Immune System


Feel Fuller researchers learned that ginger has in fact enhance satiety and reduce hunger

Circulation booster which is great for assisting speeding up the metabolism


Thinning hair the Chinese have rubbed ginger oil into the scalp for generations to increase circulation of the scalp therefore hair growth

Dandruff by massaging with fresh ginger juice and sesame oil

Skin Allergies bathing in ginger has been shown to help


Use the ginger flower buds finely shredded as a garnish for dishes and also the base of the leaf stem has a very mild ginger flavor and are pleasant to chew

Add to fresh juices to give them a kick as well as your liver

Shred finely through Asian salads for texture and their unmistakable flavour

Ginger is regarded as an essential ingredient in Curry Powders 

Peel fresh ginger and store in oil in the fridge it will last for weeks, or freeze it for easy to clean and cut when you are ready to use it

Infuse cider vinegar or make some ginger beer

Preserve it by crystallizing it, in the sun with a little castor sugar or pickle your own a divine palate cleanser

Add to soups, stir-fries, stews, desserts, ice-cream, mix with yogurt and other herbs as an accompaniment

Its used as an ingredient in more than 50 percent of all herbal remedies

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