Cherries , did you know they contain melatonin which helps the bodies natural sleep cycle?


As nature’s own anti-inflammatory pills, the health benefits of cherries include reduction of inflammation, prevention of heart disease, promotion of weight-loss and the destruction of cancer cells. But the nutritional value of this fruit goes even further than that. Antioxidants in this fruit protects the brain from damage and have amazing anti-aging properties, while melatonin supports the body’s sleep cycles. This stone fruit come in sweet and tart variations, with most health benefits accredited to the tart cherry


Anti Inflammatory this fruit are extremely rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for the fruit’s red pigment. Fighting cyclooxygenase enzymes, the anthocyanins in these stone fruits are said to be as powerful as substances found in anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the bad side-effects.

Heart According to a study by the University of Michigan, eating cherries contributes towards a healthy heart. The study revealed that a cherry rich diet decreases inflammation, body weight and cholesterol, which are all major factors for heart-health.

Brain The antioxidants in this fruit protect the brain by neurtalizing free radicals that are produced by the brain when it uses oxygen through mental activity. This property may make this fruit an important fruit in preventing Alzheimers disease.

Fights Cancer  Antioxidants in this fruit, like anthocyanins, are found to inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells. Tart cherries contain more of these cancer-fighting antioxidants than its sweet variation.

Aids sleep cycle Rich in melatonin, cherries help sooth the nervous system, relieving insomnia and supporting the body’s sleep cycles.


Anti-aging the antioxidants in cherries help repair damage to cells in our bodies, slowing down the aging process.

Beauty sleep thanks to the melatonin in this fruit, which aids in restful sleep, this fruit will help you look fresh and rested.


cherries are a great snack or make a healthy addition to your breakfast cereal, smoothies and desserts.

Make a healthier version of a classic cherry tart by substituting  the flour for whole-wheat flour, using an unrefined sugar and adding Greek yoghurt.

sauce made from cherries tastes great with roasted duck or chicken.

For an Asian twist on this sauce, add some lemon juice, thai basil & ginger to the classic combination of cherries and port. Pickled cherries with mirin, they are fantastic all year round.

“Sweeten up the love of your life by sharing a beaudelicous bowl of cherries”

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