Celery, proven facts for nutrition and well being

Celery bunch find out the proven facts for your health and wellbeing

Celery is often underestimated,  though it is true that celery is low in calories, it definitely is not low in nutritional content. Full of vitamins A, B, C and K, high in magnesium, calcium and potassium, this vegetable boosts your immunity and relaxes the nervous system, decreasing blood pressure and soothing insomnia. Research has shown that this leafy vegetable has cancer fighting compounds and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. The stems, leaves and seeds can all be used for consumption.

Despite recent claims, few studies have investigated whether drinking celery juice improves people’s health. Instead, most research has examined the health benefits that experts associate with consuming specific nutrients that this veggie and its seeds contain.


Blood pressure Celery contains a phytochemical phthalides, which relax the arterial muscles that regulate blood pressure allowing the blood vessels to expand and creating more space for the blood to flow. The magnesium, calcium and potassium in celery also help to lower blood pressure.

Fights Cancer According to a study of Rutgers University in New Jersey, the green vegetable contains anti-cancer compounds, including  phytonutrient Acetylenics which has shown to stop the growth of tumorous cells.

Anti-inflammatory Apigenin, a highly active bioflavonoid found in this veggie, effectively stops inflammation. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an excellent food for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Luteolin another antioxidants also assists.

Immune System Rich in vitamin C, celery boosts the immune system.

Lowers Cholesterol the phialides in this vegetable have been found to lower cholesterol.

Insomnia the minerals in celery, which include calcium, have a calming effect on the nervous system, helping you to relax and sleep.

Weight management

Low in calories as a negative-calorie food, you burn more calories when eating this green veggie than you gain.

Fibre helps with healthy bowel movements and aids digestion.

Diuretic the sodium and potassium in this vegetable help the body get rid of excess fluids.


Oily skin celery water, applied to the face at night after cleaning, can greatly help against oily skin. Cut celery leafs in pieces, soak in hot water for half an hour and refrigerate.

Hair growth  for luscious and soft hair, boil a tea from the nutritious leaves and stems, strain and add the juice of one lemon. Use it to rinse the hair after washing.


Suvi baby celery bunches in vegetable stock with whole garlic cloves, black pepper  until tender serve in its juice with shaved truffle as a dish on its own of a delectable side

Simply braise in some chicken stock, pumpkin, black sesame, fennel seeds and lemon zest for a fresh and comforting winter vegetable dish

Make a fantastic celery vinegar which can be added to dressings

Add to sauerkraut and pickled with black peppercorns and dill

Apple and celery Waldorf style salsa  Celery including some young leaves, granny smith apples, shallots and walnuts, toss in a mustard,  cider vinegar, sour cream and grape seed oil dressing.

Celery soup is a favorite, team celery with onion, buckwheat grouts, a few celery seeds, miso, add a big dollop of coriander, lime, peanut pesto, finish with young leaves

Saute celery with garlic, lima beans, cumin, capers flat leaf parsley and chicken stock, puree and serve with steamed fish

Detoxifying and refreshing, celery juice re hydrates and alkalizes the body. It is perfect for mixing with other vegetables and fruits, like broccoli, apple, carrots and beetroot.

 Fill delectable stalks with Labna (yoghurt cheese) slithered roasted almonds, pistachio nuts, currants and shredded baby spinach make an scrumptious snack

Fast fact

“Its great to grow in the garden, just cut a stem as you need for stocks and soups, leaving the base to continue to grow in the garden”

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