Aussie Truffles, beware synthetic imitations, read on for great info


The health benefits of Australian Truffles

These deep, earthy, individualistic gems of the earth whose health benefits also vary in regions, with mysterious and unforgettable aroma’s, unique characteristics in flavour have been revered by myself, chefs and Culinarians worldwide for centuries.

The health benefits have been something of intrigue to me for decades, no longer I wonder. They are nutrient powerhouses full of vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients, calcium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, Vitamin e and iron, they also possess carbohydrates, protein, starch, sodium and sugars.

Truffle growing in the southern hemisphere was started in New Zealand in the late 1980’s as a government initiative and was quickly followed by work in Tasmania. A report analysis of the nutrients specifically from Australian Truffles has quenched my thirst for this knowledge, if you wish to purchase them  they  can be found here https://eattruffle.com.au/ health benefits include;

High in antioxidants they can help to reduce the risk of chronic disease, studies have shown they can decrease cancer cell growth.

Reduce inflammation due to high levels on antioxidants such as manganese.

Antimicrobial properties that can help reduce some bacteria growth tested in desert truffles on staphylococcus aureus and another with favourable results.


Lowers Blood pressure Reduces the risk of stroke by lowering blood pressure due to potassium.

Helps control blood sugar regulation due to manganese.

DNA phosphorous is responsible for assisting the bodies genetic building blocks.

Healthy bones, blood clotting and muscles to contract due to calcium.


Not only do truffles assist the skins natural balance and tightness. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging with superior skin hydration and nutrients.

Truffles can prevent the premature signs of aging containing amino, fatty acids omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E in lavish amounts for their size, which plump and firm the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Wound healing is enhanced due to zinc and magnesium assist by stabilizing hormonal imbalance and helps lower cortisol levels.

Copper which is present is also a beauty booster.


Due to the intense flavour profile, this can turn a low in fat, salt and sugar meal into a taste sensation with very low-calorie intake


There are many different ways of cooking Truffles and many rely on carbohydrates as a base, however some healthy alternatives are;

White bean soup finished with shaved truffles, make a gentle flavoured white bean soup with a little lemon, garlic and vegetable stock, blend and top with thin shavings of fresh truffle.

Try cauliflower, chai pizza crust with garlic chives and shaved truffle.

Celeriac, hazelnut & speckled truffle dip.

Hummus filled zucchini flowers with truffle oil (only real truffle pieces infused in grape seed oil  *N.B-NOT SYNTHETIC COMMERCIAL IMITATION’S).

Truffled organic chicken & mushroom braise with pearl barley dumplings.

Buckwheat grouts risotto with Parmesan and shaved truffle.

Green pea and truffle pesto to top soups, spread and jazz up bland dishes.

Quinoa, artichoke, baby spinach and wild mushroom salad topped with a truffle vinaigrette & shaved on top is a nutrient powerhouse.

Interesting fact

“Did you know that there is no known allergy worldwide to truffles?”

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