Whats the Importance of herbs to your well being?

Most people are very unaware of the benefits of herbs in the every day diet and what benefits they have

Natural Health researchers say that most health problems today are caused by what we eat. Poor eating habits with little consideration for poor nutrition being linked to half the death statistics, herbs gives pleasure, satisfaction and physical exercise

Here are just some of the many benefits below
The Aroma of herbs delights the senses which revitalises the body
Aids digestion many herbs stimulate the digestive juices and support the self healing process by giving the body what it needs
Detoxing, herbs can assist greatly in removing the toxins from the body
Rich in Chlorophyll which is the green colour in plants, it promotes rejuvenation of old cells, building blood, good intestinal flora, regular bowel elimination and increased circulation of blood and oxygen. All the above boost the immune system and energy levels
 Alkalise the body too much acid food and beverage the body causes acid build up. This causes excessive pain and lack of well being, aswell as stress. Many herbs are alkaline assisting to balance the body
 Taste great and reduce the need to add sugar, salt and fat to make a meal appetising
 Full of Antioxidants, which help the body rid free radicals, impurities which can cause serious illness if allowed to build up in the body
A Natural Antibiotic , some herbs have antibiotic properties such as Aloe vera, Burdock, Comfrey, Echinacea, Herb Robert, Indian ginseng, Lovage, Milk thistle, Nasturtium and Watercress, avoiding commercial ones are important they can eventually weaken our immune system
 Pain relieving properties Agrimony, Indian ginseng and Mullein are some, some herbs work as an inflammatory to reduce pain
 Electro magnetic functions which help harmonise the vibration and efficiency of the cells, a highly complex system of the body
 Speed up the metabolism Ginger, Chilli, Fennel, Dandelion Tea and Green tea
They can be administered in a number of methods

 Tea by infusion ( I have a lemon myrtle tree in my garden, scrunch some leaves in your hand, immerse in boiling water and drink)
 Maceration
 Oils
 Liniments
 Ointments and Creams
 Aromatherapy

So get out and go plant some herbs in your garden or pots on the balcony, do yourself a favour and give your body a fighting chance today

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