Want to know the latest news of what skin goodies and badies are the natural way ALL EVIDENCE BASED ?

Skin Goodies, sun is one of them in moderation , learn how in food for beauty by Casstronomy

Want to know the latest news of what skin goodies and badies are the natural way ALL EVIDENCE BASED ?

Skin is the first organ we develop, the bodies biggest organ @ 20 square feet, it’s a collection of cells and an instant tell tale sign of your lifestyle, here,s the latest scientific truth on why some people look older and some younger


The Goodies are:

  1. Diet high in oily fish, glucosimates,  lycopene lots of bitter tasting fruit and veggies as well as brightly co loured fruit and veggies
  2. AVB and UVB Sunscreen protect the skin from the suns harmful rays
  3. Glycan producing creams, Vitiman A, C and E
  4. On the way there’s a new pill supplement being made by unilever brand. New research shows that 14 weeks after ingesting this pill an improvement in the quality of the skin with shorter and shallower wrinkles appear

And the Badies are:

A diet high in refined carbohydrates ,avoid starchy foods and sugar the higher the blood pressure the worse it is for your skin. It’s scientifically proven by biologists that sugar makes you look older

A university in Holland conducted a study of 600 people and the link between blood sugar levels and skin age proving remarkable results

Low levels showed the best glucose, followed by a deterioration in Medium levels  and worse results in High levels they showed a difference of up to 2 years older, Those sadly with Diabetes showed the most aged

Why ?

Its how the sugar becomes attached to the collagen making it brittle and more susceptible to breakage so another reason to cut back on sugar

  1.    The Suns harmful rays, just by driving most people will have more wrinkles on the window side of the car their skin faces, sun damages the collagen in the skin and when collagen is damaged the skin wrinkles and sags

2.    Oxidative stress, Oxygen we know 98 to 99 % of it goes to the the  body turning food into fuel. 1 % are free radicals that attack the DNA. Over time there is an overwhelming accumulation of free radicals meaning not enough cell defence and cell defence corrects damage, this allows what are called fiberblasts to break down and they are collagen making machines, they create the skins strength, smoothing it and making it more elastic. Scientists are still working out how oxygen works however we know it breaks down as we age

A Healthy Skin diet should consist of

Lemon and Chlorophyll  in the morning

Lots of water 2 to 3 litres

½ a kilo a day of vegetables (varying varieties  and brightly co loured and bitter tasting mainly)

Fruits such as pomegranates, blueberries, raspberries

Lycopene rich foods such as tomato paste, watermelon, peaches

Protien and pro biotics, lean meats, yoghurt,etc

& Omegas found in Oily fish, nut oils, olives etc] 

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