Lemon myrtle leaves, Our great Australian little beauty booster, essential oil and more, learn why it is a leader!


With Vitamin A, C & E Lemon Myrtle leaves are an awesome beauty booster. Lemon myrtle leaves contain the highest amount of citral (>90%) of any plant known in the world. 

Dried leaves are harvested to use as a spice in food or distilled for essential oil. The oil is used for health care and skin whitening, the oil has antimicrobial properties however the un diluted oil can be toxic in high quantities so should be used with care.

Nutritional Value

High in Vitamin E, folate, calcium new research is hopeful in showing it may help prevent cancer. The dried leaf has free radical scavenging ability.


MOOD ENHANCER activates endorphins.

EYE HEALTH High in Lutein for eye health.


Anti oxidant.


Great for  stress relief and sedative.

Assist respiratory issues.

Stimulate the Immune system.


Assists with Acne, Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Anti microbial,  Astringent, balancing. A great natural skin whitener. assist wound healing.


Soothe digestive disorders.

Assist circulation. A great oil to massage with a carrier oil.

Assist gastric function.


 Used the dried powdered leaf in spice mixtures for grilling on fish or chicken, sprinkle on roasted nuts, flavour mayonnaise’s or vinaigrette’s. Dried flakes can be added to pasta, biscuits etc. it’s great for adding citrus flavour without curdling occurring due to acid.

For dessert infuse powdered lemon myrtle with  almond milk for panacotta &  ice’s-. Refreshing sorbet or granita of preserved lime and  lemon myrtle.

Steep to make herbal tea, cool and add to your favourite summer  berry fruit cubes for a healthy, refreshing drink.

A fantastic addition to your summer salad dressings or add to some Greek style yoghurt and grain mustard for a healthy alternative to your Christmas lunch with Aussie Seafood!

Storage; store dried leaves in a cool dry place. If you have fresh use as soon as possible.

Interesting Fact:

 ” Charles Sturt University reported on Burkes Backyard (April 2000), that Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) has very good antibacterial and antifungal activity. In fact, studies suggest that backhousia oil has better anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties than the better-known Tea tree (Melaleuca alternantheria).  In tests, its anti-microbial activity was proven to be 30% higher than Tea Tree oil.”

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