Honeydew Melon, find out how it can improve mood, sleep and more elastic, younger skin

Honeydew Melon
Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is rich in vitamin C, several essential B vitamins such as folate, thiamine and niacin, in addition to copper, iron, fibre and potassium


This sweet, juicy fruit is a delicious and highly nutritious addition to your food repertoire due its numerable health benefits including but not limited to preventive measures and the treatment of certain diseases such as

Alzheimer’s disease B vitamins, as present in honeydew melon can slow or stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and reduce shrinkage of the brain.  Folate deficiencies can greatly increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease so you definitely want to munch on honeydew as a tasty source of folate

Anti-cancer properties Only second to cantaloupe, honeydew melon has one of the highest vitamin C values, and vitamin C is a crucial antioxidant that stimulates tissue repair and regeneration and can help prevent certain types of cancer including bladder, breast, cervical, intestinal, lung, pancreatic, prostate, stomach and throat cancers, as well as leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Constipation Due to its fair share of fibre, honeydew melon can help ease constipation

Diabetes Honeydew melon has a decent amount of fibre, which can slow down glucose absorption, and if eaten in moderation, can be beneficial for diabetics

Eye health Honeydew melon contains an important antioxidant carotenoid called zeaxanthin which helps protect vision by absorbing harmful blue light rays and preventing older age-related macular degeneration

Heart health The plethora of potassium in honeydew melon is extremely good for the heart and has been proven to help normalize blood pressure and regulate the heart beat.  Vitamin C‘s known antioxidant abilities fight off cell damaging free radicals that can otherwise inflame cells and lead to cardiovascular disease.  The B vitamins break down a body byproduct called homocysteine, which can ultimately lead to clogging of the arteries.  The wealth of fibre in honeydew can help lower one’s LDL cholesterol level over time

Immune system Vitamin C is a champion prizefighter against numerous infections and viruses such as the common cold and influenza and it fortifies the immune system as a whole

Pregnancy Folate has been found to help prevent neural tube defects in unborn babies

Serotonin production B6 is vital to serotonin production.  Serotonin is a crucial neurotransmitter that is responsible for mood and sleep.  B6 is a great natural supplement in the treatment and prevention of sleep issues and mood disorders in consult with a physician, of course


Healthy skin The wealth of vitamin C in honeydew melon (one cup contains half of the daily recommended amount) is essential for healthy skin collagen. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that combats cell damaging free radicals in the body.   Copper assists in healthy skin cell regeneration.  Regular ingestion of honeydew melon can result in smooth, more elastic and younger looking skin


Honeydew melon has only 120 calories and no fat per one cup serving.  It is a wonderful alternative to empty sugary snacks and will leave any weight watcher feeling full and satisfied.   The good amount of fibre in honeydew melon (1.4 grams per cup) helps keep the body and bowels cleaned out, flushes out toxins and increases your chance of more steady, healthy weight loss


They contain more nutrients when ripe and less when overripe, so best in summer months

Honeydew melon can be eaten in its natural state or as a juice or

juiced and a fantastic baby food

Honeydew melon cubes are the perfect companion fruit in mixed fruit salads.  They also make a lovely side dish to a healthy breakfast of egg whites and whole-grain toast.

Blend a batch of refreshing Greek-style cucumber and honeydew melon soup for a unique meal on a hot summer’s day, ultra refreshing.

A hot and sour melon spaghetti salad for a different approach.

You can also make a tantalizing honeydew melon ice cream, gelato, smoothie or sorbet.

For a summer garden party or private nightcap, shake up a honeydew melon cocktail or agua fresca.

“Honeydew, that’s the money melon.”  ~The Simpsons

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