Corn, A depression buster. read on to jolt yourself into some great new cooking tips for delicousness!!


The nutritional value of corn is big and there is a good reason it has been grown for centuries by different cultures. As a complex carbohydrate, it gives a sustained amount of energy but is low in fat.


Aids digestion The insoluble fiber present in the yellow kernels doesn’t break down in the digestive tract and thereby helps to bulk up stools and retain more water, making it easier to pass through the intestines

Prevents birth-defects The folic acid, a B vitamin which is abundantly found in corn, is known to prevent neural-tube birth defects that causes fetal brain and spine deformations. Eating corn can help pregnant women meet their folic acid requirements, which is most important in the first month of pregnancy

Energy As a complex carbohydrate, corn gives a sustained amount of energy. The yellow kernelled veggie has a low glycemic index, causing a slow rise in blood sugar levels and a steady and consistent release of energy

Regulates moods The folic acid found in corn is suspected to reduce homocysteine levels, which are found in larger amount in people with depression, especially when taken with other B vitamins.  The effect folic acid has on homocysteine levels also has been linked to the prevention of heart disease


Low in calories  With only 125 calories per cup, corn has a low calorie count while benefiting energy levels, making it an ideal food choice when trying to reduce weight


Face scrub Corn meal makes for an excellent face scrub against oily skin. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and combine with corn meal to make a paste. Massage into the skin gently, staying away from the eyes, and rinse thoroughly.


Corn on the cob  simple and nutritious, is an essential addition to any summer barbecue. A nice dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and herbs will complement the flavors of corn well

Keep the cooking liquid and reduce to make a flavour some, naturally sweet corn stock to use as a sauce, soup or reduce to a glaze. Who said vegetarian meals where boring???

Make a refreshing salad out of charred corn by mixing it with avocado, coriander and tomatoes. This Mexican style salad is great with a dressing make from lemon juice, olive oil and garlic

Corn tortillas are a great way to eat corn. Fill them with your favorite meat or vegetables. I love making them with roasted pumpkin, spicy salsa and crumbled  goat fetta

Good old fashioned home made creamed corn never goes out of style

A soup made with corn and coconut pairs well with prawns or topped with shallots

Use fresh or frozen corn kernels, a can of coconut milk, some salt,  green curry paste for flavour. You can eat it blended or chunky

Polenta cornmeal is fantastic with cooked chicken stock and a little parmesan and butter as an accompaniment starch for bowl food and vegetarian option

Cornflour and polenta are great thickeners or bases for gluten free baking

And good old fashion popcorn, popped in a little rice bran oil with roasted cumin and sea salt a delightful low fat healthy snack.

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