Breadfruit, diabetes fighter, Vitamin C and detoxifying benefits


The Health Benefits of Breadfruit

This fruit  from a tropical rain forest tree of the same name, is a must-eat as it is literally bursting with energy and nutrients including calcium, copper, fibre, iron, manganese, niacin, phosphorous, potassium, riboflavin, selenium, thiamine and zinc, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.


Breadfruit is a sweet, creamy and fragrant wonder with a large handful of health benefits including but not limited to;

 Anti-cancer properties Due to its high fibre content, this fruit has considerable laxative properties and can protect the colon and ward off cancer-causing chemicals. Vitamin C and copper both repair and regenerate skin cells and tissue.

Bone health The omega fatty acids found in this fruit promote good bone health.

Constipation Due to its fair share of fibre, breadfruit can help ease constipation.

Diabetes The fibre in breadfruit reduces the absorption of glucose in the varied foodstuffs we ingest and thus can prove useful in the fight against diabetes.

Heart health Its wealth of fibre reduces bad cholesterol in the blood, elevates good cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Potassium is abundant in breadfruit, as well, and can assist in regulating the heart rate. Iron improves blood circulation. Vitamin C‘s amazing antioxidant abilities combat cell-damaging free radicals that can inflame cells and lead to heart disease.

Immune system health There is almost half of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C in this fruit and vitamin C is vital in combating the common cold, influenza and various other ailments and strengthening the immune system as a whole.


Vitamin C and the flavonoid anti-oxidants inherent in breadfruit are crucial in fighting off cell-damaging free radicals, which, in turn, prevent premature aging and result in smoother, more elastic skin and hair, and strong, healthy nails less prone to brittle breakage.


 Fibre With its abundance of fibre, breadfruit has exemplary laxative abilities that can rid the body of waste and promote more marked and regular weight loss. Breadfruit is also a terrific kick-starter to your exercise regime, as it will award you a terrific almost instantaneous burst of energy.


When fully ripe, breadfruits have a sweet, creamy consistency that is a pleasure to eat in the raw.

Salt Cod & Breadfruit or Crab Cakes with Rainbow Kaleslaw, Yuzu and Kaffir lime dressing.

Some people claim that like tofu, this fruit doesn’t have all that much taste, but this makes it an ideal blank canvas for getting creative in the kitchen. One of the simplest ways to enjoy and reap the benefits from this exotic fruit is to peel it like you would a potato, slice it and then either fry it in a little macadamia, peanut or coconut oil , roast or bake it to make some unique breadfruit fries or chips.

Cubed breadfruit is often added to slow-cooking soups and stews.

Mashed breadfruit is the perfect binder for savoury and sweet tropical fish cakes.

Interesting fact about breadfruit

“An adult breadfruit tree can yield an impressive 100 fruits per season”!


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