Feeling snowed under? A Cheat Sheet on Essential Oils and recipes to assist your Wellness!!

Essential oils are an important part of your health

Essential Oils  are a great way to alleviate stress, release tension and promote feelings of Wellness.

You can use various methods,  some can be added to food such as orange and rose ( check they are food grade safe, please read the directed application methods on the bottle), an oil burner, a few drops in the bath, apply a few drops to a base oil such as cold pressed sunflower, almond, pumpkin seed oil and rub into the skin after a shower. Not only  do they leave you feeling de stressed, refreshed and able to cope with the obstacles ahead , here are some more suggestions and base measurements print out and keep this cheat sheet with your oils;

Rub 6 ml base oil +3 drops essential oil

 Vapour 6 to 8 drops essential oil

Bath 3 to 6 drops essential oil

Compress 3 to 4 drops

Inhalation 3 to 4 drops

Foot Bath 3 to 6 drops

Spritzer 3 to 6 drops

Direct Application Place 1 drop on a damp cotton bud

Aromatherapy for the skin “aromas as a healing mode have been practice for thousands of years and in the last century it’s been scientifically backed up.”

Aromas are  essential oils which have been extracted from roots, peel, resin, flowers, bark, and grass and plant sources.

Extraction methods vary from cold pressing to steam distillation. Essential oil is the most valuable product with very high concentration of compounds.

Essential Oils wont smash your budget either as a little goes a long way and a small selection of oils can help you clean your home, assist your health and even keep mold and nastie’s out of your wardrobe.

Please seek medical advice and use as directed, do not treat if suffering from High blood pressure, epilepsy or pregnancy.

they also help with a whole list of ailments as below.


Soothes dermal inflammation

Relieves allergies

Excellent for Eczema sufferers

Dermatitis and burns

Anti Inflammatory (The highest of all oils)





Regenerating and rejuvenating on prematurely aged or mature skin

Heals and repairs

Comforting and fortifying

Deeply relaxing with a drying up effect


Normalizes skin imbalances

Promotes healing to skin disruptions

Good for Dry eczema and dermatitis

Assists in balancing sebum production

Assists balancing mood swings and hormonal change


Nurturing and soothing

Gentle sedative, calm ant and re laxative

Soothes stings and bites

Relieves itching and Irritation

Helps activate the immune system

Assists healing scalds, burns and scars

Assists regeneration of the cells


Softens sun damaged and smokers skin by softening it

Cleansing oily skin

Relieves insomnia and headaches

Soothes nervous conditions

Refreshes and uplifts


Rose oik is excellent for dry and mature skin

Re-hydrates and rejuvenates skin

Assists emotional stability and heals the heart

Balancing and Nurturing


Promotes elasticity

Soothes dry cracked skin

Strengthens adrenals

Soothes sore throat

Assists with calming

Do Something good for yourself and the environment today, buy some oils and keep in your fridge, Use them for cleaning and you and your families wellness.  xxx

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