Hospitality consulting services, trainer, presenter and brand ambassador

Hospitality consulting services

I am a qualified trainer in commercial cookery, hospitality management and business. In addition, I offer expert corporate nutrition and wellbeing with qualifications in food and wellness including kitchen medicine and food psychology. 

Why choose Casstronomy?

Casstronomy digs deep with review questions we ask our hospitality consultancy clients to keep the brand compliant, current, and ahead in the market. This expertise is driven from the years of experience in both front and back of house. My recent qualifications in business also highlight currency, validity, efficacy and relevance. 

In the ever changing world of food service, I can help you, your staff and business stay on trend. In other words, I will help you become current, relevant and profitable, using management and cost control software. Talk to me about the issue you face and how they can be overcome.

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Refresh, Invent and Promote
Refresh, Invent and Promote

Brand Ambassador

With years of hands on experience in the hospitality industry on a global scale, connecting quality products to the right markets is key. 

As such, Casstronomy brand ambassador services include original product and recipe development, recipe testing, recipe costing, custom videos, pitch preparation, workshops, webinars and courses, blogs and quotes for food and wellness, health and wellness strategy and product placement in videos. 

Casstronomy will help you develop your own unique style using culinary art to exceed your customers satisfaction, for you, your product, your staff and colleagues. Get in touch today about how we can take your brand to the next level in the hospitality market.

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Chef Presenter and Hospitality Trainer

Health and wellness are my passion. One of the best of my career is that I get to teach thousands of you about the many things I’ve learnt during my time in the industry. Whether that be as a trained business, commercial cookery, business, digital marketing, food, or wellness entrepreneur. 

I am confident, experienced, and professionally skilled in all technical culinary aspects. Above all, my strengths lie in connecting with the audience, no matter how big or small. 

Click on the link below to chat to me about chef presenter or hospitality trainer opportunities, both in the Agnes Waters region and beyond. 

Refresh, Invent and Promote